Silenced America

Please text me at 806-570-3172 with any questions. I will be returning text messages after 6pm each day.

After much consideration, I have decided to close the door on both the Carrollton and Amarillo locations.  This is not a decision that I came to lightly.  The past five years have been spent heavily engaged in all things NFA, and the first four years were nothing short of great.


The past year has been filled full of disappointment on many levels.  Last August, the ATF opened up the ability to submit paperwork electronically.  We were one of the first dealers in the nation to use the new system.  The electronic system came with reduced wait times and seemed to be the answer that we were all looking for; it was not.  After the system started to be utilized by more and more users, it failed.  It would take my staff and me around an hour (on a good day) to submit one form.  Many hours were spent in the middle of the night trying to get forms in during off-peak hours.  Many times, we could pay for the submittal, and the form would not submit.  We were in constant contact with the people heading eforms at this time.  The system would be down for hours each day.  We got further and further behind on submitting forms.   At this time I had a decision to make: I could put all of the backlogged forms on paper or I could continue to wait on a promised fix.  I chose the later, and wrongly so.


 When eforms finally was taken offline due to the failure of the system, we scrambled and submitted well over 300 forms in a very short amount of time.  Understandably, this caused great frustration, cancelled orders, and unhappy customers.  In the age of the internet and social media, my business could not survive the negative press.  My mismanagement of the situation, coupled with the increased problems with eforms processing put me in a negative cash flow situation where I could no longer sustain a storefront. 


 My FFL's are in the process of being moved.  This will allow me to operate until every last item is out of my possession and into the hands of the rightful owners.  Customers will be contacted when their stamps arrive and the items will be transferred.  Customers who reside outside of the Amarillo and DFW areas will have their orders will be processed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations, as they always have been. 


I deeply regret the increased wait time that my mismanagement of eforms caused so many customers.  I made the wrong decision by not putting the forms on paper when eforms started to fail.  The failure rests solely on my shoulders.  I am attempting to work with the NFA Branch in getting all of the eform kick-backs expedited.  Once a thorough audit is conducted, I will notify the NFA of my intent to surrender my license, which should speed up the approval process for all of you who have been waiting.  I will be in contact as soon as the forms are processed.